Optic Power Meter Model OPM-5026L

  • Optic Power Meter with Laser out feature for Visual Fault Locator
  • Power Meter Range: -50 ~ +26dBm
  • Wavelength Range: 800nm ~1700nm
  • Wavelength Selectable – 850/980/1300/1310/1490/1550/1625/1650nm Optic
  • Power Detector type: InGaAs
  • Universal Optic Input Connector, supporting FC/SC/ST
  • Simultaneous display in linear (mW) and logarithmic (dBm)
  • Display Resolution – linear: 0.1% and logarithmic: 0.01dBm
  • Supports user calibration
  • Automatic shutdown to save battery power
  • Recover factory settings
  • LCD display with back light and torch feature
  • Requires AAA type batteries – 2 nos
  • Memory feature to see previous measurements

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