Catvision’s range of 1310nm directly-modulated transmitters comes in power outputs of 10mW to 22mW in single/dual power supplies and single/dual outputs. The 22mW transmitters use only Ortel lasers. Also available is an industry-tested 1550nm externally-modulated transmitter.

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  • Directly Modulated Optic Transmitter

    Directly Modulated Optic Transmitter

    Model: OTU-13-P-22D

    Catvision OTU-13-P-22D optic transmitter uses directly-modulated DFB laser for transmission of optic signal at 1310nm wavelength. A power double amplifier with built-in AGC circuit is incorporated to provide a stable RF signal with excellent C/N, CSO & CTB performance for long haul transmission. It incorporates a thermo-electric cooler and auto-control for laser power & bias current to ensure stable optic output power and longer life of laser module.

    These transmitters are suitable for both analog and digital CATV networks.

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  • Externally Modulated Optic Transmitter

    Externally Modulated Optic Transmitter

    Model: OTU-15-G-072-EML

    Catvision OTU-15-G-072-EML optic transmitter adopts 1550nm externally modulated DFB laser microwave source phase modulation.  It eliminates the chirp effect associated with 1550nm laser internal modulation and, with predistortion circuits, it offers delivery of optical signal to extremely long distance. It is a cost-effective solution delivering balanced high-output power performance for digital CATV networks.

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