Catvision’s range of 1310nm directly-modulated transmitters comes in power outputs of 10mW to 22mW in single/dual power supplies and single/dual outputs. The 22mW transmitters use only Ortel lasers. Also available is an industry-tested 1550nm externally-modulated transmitter.

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  • Optic Transmitter

    Optic Transmitter


    • Catvision OTU-13 D Series Optic Transmitters use directly modulated DFB
      technology for transmission of optic signal at 1310nm wavelength. A powerdoubler
      amplifier with built-in AGC circuit is incorporated providing a stable RF
      signal with excellent C/N, CSO & CTB performance for long haul transmission.
      These are suitable for both analog and digital Cable TV networks.
      Catvision optic transmitters incorporate a thermo-electric cooler and auto control
      for laser power & bias current to ensure stable optic output power and longer life
      of laser module.Specification

  • Externally Modulated Optic Transmitter

    Externally Modulated Optic Transmitter


    • Long haul CATV (Analog + QAM) video delivery over 200Km
    • FTTx networks – RFoG and RF overlay for PON networks
    • Redundant ring architectures
    • CATV Frequency 45 ~ 1003 MHz, enhanced RF performance
    • High optic power options up to dual 10 dBm
    • Dual Power Supplies and Fans – Redundant & Hot swappable
    • Front Panel, SNMP, Telnet, & Web GUI monitoring and control interfaces
    • Front Panel RF Test Point
    • Front panel VFD display for all parameters
    • OMI / RF Gain Adjustment
    • AGC Select: CW, Video, Manual (No AGC)
    • Industry Leading Field Adjustable SBS Suppression
    • Field Adjustable Electronic Dispersion Compensation (EDC)