Catvision offers EDFA and PON EDFA in different combinations of power and outputs in single or dual power supplies. The pump lasers are single or dual pump of American origin.

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  • EDFA


    Model: EDFA-15S-xx-yy-D/ EDFA-15S-xx-yy-DF

    Catvision Erbium Doped Fiber Amplifiers (EDFAs) use erbium and ytterbium co-doped double clad fibre technology. The no. of input & output optic ports and the power in each output port, is optional. Also optional is single or dual power supply (one as back-up), SNMP control and PON connectivity. All these options need to be specified at the time of ordering. They are designed with dual pump lasers that provides long term life and stable outputs with high C/N and low dispersion for extended range.

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    Model: PON EDFA 1550nm-15D-08-19-DW

    WDM EDFA/PON EDFA is used to combine the CATV signal and OLT signal and boost up the power of CATV signal. It allows CATV operators to deliver triple play services on his FTTH network.

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