Luminato 4X4

Teleste Luminato 4X4 is built on the renown Teleste Luminato heritage and forms the basis for a new generation of modular headend platform for CATV, OTT and/or IPTV delivery.

Luminato 4X4 is built on the renown Teleste Luminato heritage. Over the years, Teleste Luminato has proven to be one of the most reliable headend platforms and now it has been upgraded to exceed the future needs.

Teleste Luminato 4X4 represents our commitment to provide the best-of-breed in video headends for operators today as well as during and after the big step to distributed access networks. It has been designed with a built-in video engine to support operators when they take the shift to distributed access architecture. With its powerful and “ultra” dense edge QAM, the platform allows operators to freely scale up their video services when the need for channels like 4K increase. All the familiar Luminato features and modules are there and, in addition, we have equipped the platform with technologies that guarantee powerful and uninterrupted delivery of services when both networks and customer demands change and rise to new levels.



More capacity – more performance – more power

  • Carrier class performance
    • 4 x SFP + slots (up to 10 Gbit/s)
    • 4 x 1 Gbit/s (RJ-45)
    • Internal bus min. 2.5 Gbit/s (denseQAM)
    • Up to 144 QAMs per chassis
    • 2 pcs PSU slots (230 V , 48 V) 240 W
    • 6 module slots
  • Backwards compatible with legacy Luminato modules
  • X times more powerful processing
  • X times more faster user experience

Luminato 4X4 vs. Luminato LCH chassis

Parameter Luminato 4X4 Luminato LCH-D
Size (h x w x d) 1RU x 19” x 502 mm 1RU x 19” x 400 mm
Module slots 6 pcs + 2 pcs PSU slots 6 pcs + 1 PSU slot
Power capacity 240 W 120 W
Payload interfaces 4 x 10 Gbit/s SFP+ slots + 4 x 1 Gbit/s =44 Gbit/s 2 x 1 Gbit/s SFP slots + 2 x 100 Mbit/s =2.2 Gbit/s
Internal bus capacity Min. 2.5 Gbit/s + 1 Gbit/s 1 Gbit/s + 100 Mbit/s
Scrambling capacity Target min.10 CAS systems + 4800 ECMs + EMM bandwidth 10 Mbit/s 4 ECMgs + 480 ECMs + EMM bandwidth 1 Mbit/s
Module compatibility All current modules + new modules All current modules