• This EDFA is used for Cable TV applications to combine internet signal and cable TV signal and transmit on the same optic fiber for distribution in the cable TV networks.
  • Er Yb Co-doped Fiber Amplifier is high-end professional equipment, and its installation and debugging must be operated by a special technician.
  • While the fiber amplifier is working, there is an invisible laser beam from the optical output adapter on the front panel. Avoid direct eye contact with the fiber signal to avoid permanent harm to the body and eye.
  • Please make sure that the ground terminal of the case and power outlet has been properly earthed before turning on the product. (Grounding resistance¬†should be < 4 ohm) to prevent the static damage of the pump laser device and the electric shock on the product casing.
  • Please ensure to use uninterrupted and regulated mains AC power supply,
    preferably through an online UPS and air conditioned environment to avoid any
    damage to the equipment.


  • 8 ports x 16 dBm: EDFA-15-08-16-WDM
  • 16 ports x 16 dBm: EDFA-15-16-16-WDM
  • 32 ports x 16 dBm: EDFA-15-32-16-WDM
  • 8 ports x 19 dBm: EDFA-15-8-19-WDM
  • 16 ports x 19 dBm: EDFA-15-16-19-WDM