EDFA 1550nm

Catvision EDFA (Erbium Doped Fibre Amplifier) is specially designed for amplifying weak 1550nm optic signal for long distance optic transmission. Extremely low noise pump lasers ensure excellent C/N, CSO, CTB and maintain picture quality at original levels for long-haul transmission. This can be used for both analog and digital CATV signal transmission.n advanced microcontroller along with automatic control circuit ensures stable optic output power and longer life.

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  • Built in WDM for PON application along with CATV( CATV+PON)
  • Extremely low noise pump laser
  • High efficiency optic power transmission
  • Excellent C/N, CSO & CTB
  • Optic I/P range: -3 ~ +5dBm
  • Four optic output power ports
  • Isolators at both I/P and O/P
  • High input & output return loss
  • Microprocessor controlled pump lasers
  • Front panel display of all parameters
  • Standard 19 inch rack mount type



  • Wave Length Range : 1530 ~ 1560nm
  • Optic Input Power : -3 dBm ~ +5 dBm
  • Output Ports : 4 nos
  • Optic Power : 16dBm at each port
  • Noise Figure : ≤5 dB
  • Optic Connectors : SC/APC
  • Power : 90 ~ 260VAC, 50Hz, (DC 48V optional)



  • RF-EDFA – to add local RF channels into the optic signal
  • WDM-EDFA – for distribution of EPON signal along with CATV signal