Catvision 360º HD CCTV Smart WiFi Camera | 1080p HD | 128 GB Storage



Catvision 360º HD CCTV Smart WiFi Camera | 1080p HD | 128 GB Storage | Motion Detection | Object Tracking | 2-Way Talk | 360°/90° | BIS Certified | Made in India | 18 Months Warranty 

  • 360º Catvision motion detection camera is Designed & Made in INDIA. Engineered for the Security Needs of the Indian Market.
  • High-Definition Video, records every image in crystal-clear 1080p definition.
  • Intelligent AI automatically recognizes a moving object and tracks the object in real-time.
  • Pan and Tilt by 360º horizontal and 90º vertical range.
  • Safe Storage with Smart WiFi Camera that can Locally store up to 128 GB on a microSD card, equal to 384 hours (16 days) of footage.
  • Advanced Night Vision which Provides a visual distance of up to 30 ft.
  • 18 Months Warranty and Customer Care call centre.


  • 1080p HD resolution and ultra-clear Night Vision feature allows capture of high-quality video even in pitch dark conditions. 24×7 Recording and Playback via microSD Memory Card. Storage up to 128GB.
  • Motion Detection: If the object being monitored moves from its position, or a person or object passes by the camera, a real time notification will be sent to your smart phone.
  • Object Tracking allows you to remotely monitor and follow the object of interest (your pet or baby).
  • Monitor your workplace on your mobile phone wherever you are. Talk to your staff through built-in microphone & speaker in camera. Multiple users can access the camera at the same time.
  • 360° Pan / 90° Tilt and unique 4D mounting bracket leaves no blind area. It allows you to see the entire area in stunning video quality during day or night.


Brand Catvision
Connectivity Technology Wireless
Connectivity Protocol Wifi
Controller Type Wifi
Video Capture Resolution 1080p HD
Net Quality 1.00 Count
Viewing Angle 360°
Mounting Type Power Adaptor with two pin mains power plug
Alert Type Motion Only
Wireless Communication Technology Wifi


1. Is the Catvision smart camera made in China?
No, it is made in India at Catvision’s manufacturing unit.
2. Is it waterproof or water resistance?
No, it is for indoor use only.
3. Can we connect this camera to an external power bank?
It can be powered by USB from power bank, but there is one risk or possibility: the camera may restart automatically in case the external power supply is not stable. So it is suggested not to connect camera to external power bank.
4. Does the camera work on online stream in case I don’t want to use SD card?
Yes, you can watch real time stream but it will not record.
5. Will the camera work on a PC or screen other than mobile?
No, it works on mobile screen only.
6. Can we see the live signal from out of station?
Yes, you can watch the live signal from anywhere in the world using the internet.
7. Can I buy multiple cameras and have access on the same phone?
8. Can we reduce the video quality to increase the record time?
Yes, it has option of SD/HD (low/high resolution). Recording will be longer on SD.
9. Can  this  camera  operate  24×7  without  switching  off even  for  a  second?
Yes, it is meant for this purpose.
10. Can the recording be done on smart phone?
No, it records only on microSD memory card.
11. How   many   days   recording   can   we  have  with  128GB microSD  card?
SD video format takes approx. 2GB space per day and HD video format takes approx. 3GB per day.
12. Will it work with iPhone?
Yes, it works with both iPhone and Android.
13. How many phones can share one camera?
One camera can support one main user’s phone and 4 additional mobile phones at the same time, so total 5 phones can share one camera.
14. Can   I   watch  camera  video  on  my  TV  instead  of phone?
Not supported.
15. Does the camera connect to the internet automatically after power failure once power resumes?
16. Does this camera have voice recording?
Yes, this camera has very clear voice recording.
17. Once   memory   is    full    in    SD    card    how   to   delete   old recording?
It will automatically remove the previous recording and replace it with the new recording.
18. Can I schedule recording hours?
Not supported.
19. Once    power    goes    off    will    the    recorded    video  get   deleted?
No, recorded video does not delete, even if power goes off.


1. I am using this camera and there is lot of noise echo.
If the camera and phone are too close, there will be noise echo due to feedback. Increase the distance between the camera and phone until the noise disappears.
2. Screen shows “Device Offline”.
Upgrade the camera to the latest version firmware:
Click Smart Camera > Click on 3 dots on top right > Go to Device>Update > Click Update.
3. Why did I fail to connect the camera to my account?
The camera only supports 2.4Ghz WiFi. Make sure you’ve selected the correct one. If you use a dual band router, please contact the router seller.
4. Why can’t the camera read / play my microSD memory card?
The camera doesn’t support hot plugging. Please insert a microSD memory card before powering on the camera, or reboot the camera after inserting the card. Please use a high-quality microSD memory card with a reliable brand. Please make sure the microSD memory card is not damaged.
5. How to update firmware?
Click Smart Camera > Click on 3 dots on top right > Go to Device>Update > Click Update.