CATV Power Supply 60VAC (10A/6A/3A/1A)

Catvision CATV Power Supplies are specially designed to feed power to line amplifiers in a CATV network. Automatic short circuit & overload detection circuit is incorporated for protection. An external power inserter is provided for avoiding hum interference in RF signal.

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  • PS-10A
  • PS-6A
  • PS-3A
  • PS-1A



  • External power inserter
  • Suitable for large CATV networks
  • 5 ~ 860MHz, high linearity
  • Automatic short circuit cut-off
  • Indicator for short circuit / overload
  • Continuous current indication
  • Output ports for easy distribution
  • Automatic power restoring circuit – after removing short circuit
  • Optional 90V model



  • Input Voltage    : 220VAC + 10%, 50Hz
  • Output Voltage : 60VAC, 50Hz