Catvision Limited

Registered Office: H-17/202 2nd Floor, Main Vikas Marg Laxmi Nagar, Delhi-110092



Consumer Care Number (toll free): +91 7669300112

Details of Nodal Officer:

1. Mr. Suman Kumar Thakur
   State: Delhi NCR, Uttrakhand and Uttar Pradesh.
   Email ID:

   Mobile No.: 9818002244
   Office Tel No.: 0120-4936750
   Fax No.: 0120-4936776
   Address: E-14 &15, Sector-8, Noida-201301 (U.P.) India

2. Mr. Sansar Choudhary
    State: Maharashtra
     Email ID:

    Mobile No.: 8452945888

3. Mr. Nurul Islam
    State: West Bengal
    Mobile No.: 9748558447
    Address: 110,Park Street Near 4 No. Bridge, Kolkata-17 (West Bengal)



(a) “addressable system” means an electronic device (which includes hardware and its associated software) or more than one electronic device put in an integrated system through which signals of cable television network can be sent in encrypted form, which can be decoded by the device or devices having an activated Conditional Access System at the premises of the subscriber within the limits of the authorization made, through the conditional Access System and Subscriber Management System on the explicit choice and request of such subscriber, by the cable operator to the subscriber.

(b) “alternative tariff package”(ATP) means a tariff package which Catvision may offer, in addition to the standard tariff package, for supply of a set box to the subscriber for receiving programmes;

 (c) “Authority” means Telecom Regulatory Authority of India established under sub-section (1) of section 3 of the Telecom Regulatory, Authority of India Act, 1997 (24 of 1997);

 (d) “Authorized Officer” shall have the same meaning as given in clause (a) of section 2 of the Cable Television Networks (Regulation) Act, 1995 (7 of 1995);

 (e) “Broadcaster” means any person including an individual, group of persons, public or body corporate, firm or any organization or body who or which is providing programming services and includes his or her or its authorized distribution agencies;

 (f) “Basic Service Tier” means a package of free-to-air channels offered by the cable operator to a subscriber with an option to subscribe, for a single price to the subscribers of the area in which his cable television network is providing service;

 (g) “DAS Area” means the area where in terms of notifications issued by the Central Government under sub–section (1) of the section 4A of the Cable Television Networks (Regulation Act, 1995 (7of 1995) it is Obligatory for every cable operator to transmit or re-transmit programmes of any channel in an encrypted form through a digital addressable system;

(h) “LCO” means a Local Cable Operator or cable operator associated with Catvision i.e. person who                             provides cable service through a cable television network or otherwise controls or is responsible for the management and operation of a cable television network.

(i)“Cable Service” means the transmission by cables of a set of programmes including   retransmission by cables of any broadcast television signals;

(j)“Cable Television Network” means any system consisting of a set of closed transmission paths and associated signal generation, control and distribution equipment, designed to provide cable service for reception by multiple subscribers;

 (k)“free to air channel” or “FTA channel” means a channel for which no fees is to be paid to the broadcaster for its retransmission through electromagnetic waves through cable or through space intended to be received by the general public either directly or indirectly;

 (l)“multi system operator (MSO)” means a cable operator who has been granted registration under Rule 11 of the Cable Television Networks (Amendment) Rules 2012 a and who receives a programming service from a broadcaster or his authorized agencies and retransmits the same or transmits his own programming service for simultaneous reception either by multiple subscribers directly or through one or more cable operators, and includes authorized distribution agencies by whatever name called and also includes catvision;

 (m)“pay channel” means a channel for which fees is to be paid to the broadcaster for its retransmission through electromagnetic waves through cable or through space intended to be received by the general public either directly or indirectly and which would require the use of an addressable system attached with the receiver set of a subscriber;

 (n)“Programme” means any television broadcast and includes –

  • Exhibition of films, features, dramas, advertisements and serials.
  • Any audio or visual or audio-visual live programme or presentation and the expression “programming service” shall be construed accordingly;

(o)“Service provider” means the Government as service provider and includes a licensee as well as any broadcaster, multi system operator (MSO), cable operator or distributor of TV channels and includes Catvision;

(p)“set top box” or “STB” means a device, which is connected to, or is part of a television set and which allows a subscriber to receive in unencrypted/descrambled form subscribed pay and FTA channels through an addressable system;

(q)“standard tariff package” (STP) means a package of tariff as may be determined by the Authority for supply of a set top box to the subscriber by a service provider for receiving programme;

(r) “Subscriber” means a person who receives the signal of a service provider at a place indicated by him to the service provider without further transmitting it to any other person;

 “You” means the subscriber;

“CAF” means Customer Application Form;

“We”, “Our” means Catvision Limited or Catvision.

2.Provision of Service

2.1    Catvision’s service shall be made available to the subscriber with effect from the date of activation of the STB and on terms and conditions contained herein and also contained in the consumer charter (a copy of which has been made available to the subscriber simultaneously with this form) which the subscriber hereby unconditionally accepts and undertakes to abide.

2.2    The subscriber shall fill in the CAF in duplicate and submit the CAF to the Catvision. The subscriber shall ensure that the information stated in the CAF is and shall continue to be complete and accurate in all respects and the subscriber hereby undertakes to immediately notify Catvision of any change thereto. Photo identification and Address proof has also to be submitted along with the CAF, or else the same shall be treated as an incomplete CAF. The LCO shall return the duplicate copy of the CAF to the subscriber duly acknowledged.

2.3    All incomplete Customer Application Forms shall be rejected Catvision and the deficiencies shall be informed to the subscriber.

2.4    The LCO will respond within 2 working days of receipt of application, and inform the subscriber of the deficiencies and shortcomings in the CAF submitted by him.

2.5    In case of technical or operational non feasibility at the location requested by the subscriber, Catvision will inform the subscriber the reasons for the same within 3 working days from the date of receipt of the CAF by Catvision

2.6   The Subscriber can opt for a STB under the Hire Purchase scheme or a 3 year rental scheme or on a one time activation fee as mentioned overleaf by Catvision.

2.7   Under the Hire Purchase Scheme, the ownership of the STB will be transferred upon payment of the last monthly instalment as stated overleaf. However till such time that all the instalments are fully paid to Catvision, Catvision shall remain and continue to remain the sole and absolute owner of the STB.

2.8    Under the 3 year rental scheme, the ownership of the STB will be transferred upon payment of the last monthly rental payment.

2.9  Under a onetime registration charge scheme the STB is provided on a Free to Use Basis to the subscriber. STB remains at all times the property of Catvision and after 5 years of usage it will transferred to the subscriber at no cost.

2.10 Under all the three STB plans, should a subscriber seek termination of Catvision’s services, Catvision will arrange for a refund of the amount paid as Security Deposit after deducting a fifteen per cent depreciation for each year of usage, provided the STB has been returned to Catvision office in a working condition along with all accessories like remote control, AC adapter (if any) and connecting cables and has not been tampered with.

2.11 Monthly rentals for the STB will be payable to Catvision and will be a part of the regular invoice raised to the subscriber for the cable services rendered by Catvision.

2.12 Each STB comes with a one year warranty. During the warranty period no repair and maintenance charges are payable, provided the STB has been used in normal working conditions and is not tampered with. There is no warranty applicable on the remote control. After the expiry of the warranty period, repairs to the STB would have to be paid for by the subscriber and a replacement STB may be offered, if available. Alternatively if the subscriber opts for the optional Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC) of Rs.200/- per annum, they will definitely be provided a standby STB and no repair charges would have to be paid for the STB only (remote excluded) provided the STB has been used under normal working conditions and is not tampered with.

2.13   Changes in the rates of taxes & Govt duties will be informed to subscribers and passed on.

2.14   In case of STB malfunction, the Catvision will replace or repair the STB within 72 hours of receipt of complaint. Repair charges will be payable if the STB is out of warranty period.

2.15   Refund of security deposit will be made available to the subscriber within seven days upon receipt of STB, provided the same has not been tampered with..

2.16 The Subscriber hereby agrees to allow the authorized representatives of the Catvision to enter upon the Installation Address for inspection, installation, removal, replacement and repossession of the Hardware under the Terms hereof.

2.17   The Subscriber agrees and acknowledges that the VC has been merely licensed to the Subscriber by Catvision to avail the Channels for one TV set only and shall at all times be and remain the exclusive property of Catvision and that the subscriber has been fully explained and accepts that any unauthorized relay or re-transmission of the signal will constitute infringement of copyright of the content providers/owners/licensors thereof and will in addition to the termination of Service, attract civil and/or criminal liability under the law.

2.18 The Subscriber undertakes not to use or cause to be used the VC with any other set top box or device and/or STB with any other VC or device and shall ensure the safety and security of the Hardware from unauthorized use, theft, misuse, damages, losses.

2.19 The subscriber undertakes not to do or allow any act or thing to be done as a result of which the right of the LCO Distributor/Catvision in relation to the Service and/or Hardware or of the channel providers/distributors in relation to any Channel, may become restricted, extinguished or otherwise prejudiced thereby or they or any of them may be held or alleged to be in breach of their obligation under any agreement to which they are party or otherwise are so bound.

2.20 The subscriber undertakes not to hypothecate, transfer or create or suffer any charge, lien or any onerous liability in respect of the Hardware which is not owned by the Subscriber.

2.21 The subscriber undertakes not to relay, transmit or redistribute the signals/Service to any Person or connect to any other device for any redistribution purpose.

3.Payment obligation:

3.1    The subscriber shall ensure prompt payment of all the bills within 15 days of the bill date. All payments shall be made either to Catvision.

3.2    Any payment made after 15 days will attract simple interest @12% per annum on pro rata basis for the number of days delayed.

3.3    Billing will be on a calendar quarterly / Half yearly basis.

4.Suspensions/Termination of Service:

4.1    The terms will commence from the date of installation of the Hardware and shall remain in full force and effect unless terminated under the Terms.

4.2    A 15 day notice period will be given if Catvision chooses to discontinue providing a channel.

4.3   No suspension of services is possible if the period of suspension comprises part of a calendar month.

5.Redressal of Complaints:

5.1    You can log in your complaint on the Toll Free No. +91 7669300112. The Customer Care No. is available from 0800 hours to 2200 hours all day of the week.

5.2    For each complaint received by us you will be assigned a docket no./ ticket no.

5.3   Each complaint will be attended within 8 hours. However complaints received during night time will be attended on the next day. Ninety percent of No Signal complaints will be attended within 24 hours of receipt of such complaint.

5.4   For more details relating to the redressal of your complaints please see the heading “Procedure and Benchmark for Redressal of Complaints” hereinbelow and Catvision’s Consumer Charter which has been provided to you.

6.Force Majeure:

If at any time, during the continuance of Service, the Service is interrupted, discontinued either whole or in part, by reason of war, warlike situation, civil commotion, theft, wilful destruction, terrorist attack, sabotage, fire, flood, earthquake, riots, explosion, epidemic, quarantine, strikes, lock out, compliance with any acts or directions of any judicial, statutory or regulatory authority or any others Acts of God, or if any or more Channels are discontinued due to any technical or system failure at any stage or for any other reasons beyond the reasonable control of the Catvision, the Subscriber will not have any claim for any loss or damages against the Catvision.


The Catvision will make reasonable efforts to render uninterrupted Service to the Subscriber and make no representation and warranty other than those set forth in the Terms and hereby expressly declaim all other warranties express or implied, including but not limited to any implied warranty or merchantability or fitness for particular purpose.

8.Limitation of Liability:

Catvision and the employees there of shall be not liable to the subscriber or to any other person for all or any indirect, special, incidental or consequential damage arising out of or in connection with the provision of the service or inability to provide the same whether or not due to suspension, interruption or termination of the Service or for any inconvenience, disappointment due to deprival of any programme or information whether attributable to any negligent act or omission or otherwise. Provided however the maximum liability of   Catvision for any actual or alleged breach shall not exceed the subscription paid in advance for such duration of Service, for which the Subscriber had paid in advance but was deprived due to such breach.


The subscribers hereby indemnifies and hold harmless the Catvision from all the loss, claims, demand, suits, proceedings, damages, costs, expenses, liabilities (including, without limitation, reasonable legal fees) or cause of for use and misuse of the Cable Service or for non-observance of the Terms by the Subscriber.


Notice at the Installation Address shall be deemed to be sufficient and binding on the Subscriber.


We have set up a centralised helpline no. +91 7669300112 (Toll Free) to assist you should the need arise. This service is available from 0800 hours to 22:00 hours every day. Executives will be available to answer your queries in Hindi/English.

For each complaint you will be issued a Docket/ticket No. and you can monitor the same through.

Every Complaint Centre has a designated Complaint Officer whose name and contact details are prominently displayed at the entrance to the Complaint Centre. On reaching the Complaint Centre please ask for the Complaint Officer who shall attend to your complain.

Please note that every Complaint Centre is also accessible through our Centralised Helpline no. +91 7669300112 (Toll Free).

All complaints (other than complaints relating to billing) shall be responded to within eight hours of the receipt of your complaint by us. Complaints received during the night shall be attended to the next day. If we are unable to respond to you within the stipulated time then we shall communicate to you the reasons for us being unable to respond to you within the time stipulated above.

At least ninety percent of all “no signal” complaints received by us or our local cable operator shall be redressed by our local cable operator and signals will be restored by our local cable operator within twenty four hours of the receipt of the complaint by us or by our local cable operator save and except in cases of natural calamities.

At least ninety percent of all complaints received by us or our local technician shall be redressed within forty eight hours of the receipt of the complaint

We have also appointed a Nodal Officers in which we have commenced operation of our digital addressable network.

The names, addresses and contact details of our Nodal Officers are as stated herein below:

1. Mr. Suman Kumar Thakur
   State: Delhi NCR, Uttrakhand and Uttar Pradesh
   Mobile No.:9818002244
   Office Tel No.: 0120-4936750
   Fax No.: 0120-4936776
   Address: E-14 &15, Sector-8, Noida-201301 (U.P.) India

2. Mr. Sansar Choudhary 
    State: Maharastra
    Mobile No.: 8452945888
3. Mr. Nurul Islam
    State: West Bengal
    Mobile No.: 9748558447
    Address: 110,Park Street Near 4 No. Bridge, Kolkata-17 (West Bengal)