DVB -S2 to IP Streamer

Product Code : IR012C

The satellite module has 4 LNB inputs allowing the reception of 4 different satellite bands per module. The module has 8 satellite tuners and a built-in multi-switch thus reception of 8 different transponders coming from any of the 4 input satellite bands is possible.

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  • 9U module 19” rackable, compatible with the legacy DMH rack and power supply voltage.
  • Supports Licensing Feature
  • Coaxial cable interface for transmitting and combining digital television broadcast standards in the terrestrial or cable band.
  • Two Ethernet ports for managing the device through a web GUI or UUI and transmitting/receiving MPEG-TS data over the IP.
  • Depending on the type of configuration, up to 4 DVB-T/C multiplexes, 4 MPTS* or 64 SPTS* streams can be distributed per module
  • This Device offers you one of the most flexible and cost efficient solution
  • Dual slot conditional access module (CAM) interface to descramble multiple digital services.
  • Powerful re-multiplexing and processing of multiple MPEG-TS streams through the use of state-of-the-art FPGA technology.
  • Central Processing Unit (CPU) with operating system running the application(s) managing the hardware and providing the needed user interface(s).


Technical Specification:

Parameter Min Type Max Unit
Power Supply Voltage


13.5 15 16.5 VDC


<30 W
Loop through



Yes, modules are cascadable