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Field Strength Meter (DB Meter)

DB Meter DBM 8608

Catvision’s Field Strength Meter DBM-8608 is a microcontroller based and highly accurate measuring instrument of Cable TV signal. It is a necessity for installation and maintenance of a cable TV network.

DBM-8608 displays signal strength, frequency, channel number and V/A in Digital Display. It has the capacity to store the signal level of all 106 channels at 50 locations.

  • 47~860MHz (E02~E69)
  •  High accuracy: +1.5dB
  •  Resolution: +0.2dB
  •  Computer calibrated
  •  LCD display with backlight
  •  Slope & level measurement at any 8 channels (4+4)
  •  V/A measurement & audio output on built-in speaker
  •  Continuous power pass voltage measurement upto 99VAC
  •  Auto frequency tuning (AFT) to measure signal level, even if modulator is drifted.
  •  Favourite channel selection
  •  Multiple memory locations
  •  Auto power off for extended battery life, if no key is pressed for more than 3 min.
  •  RF input impedance: 75 ohms
  •  Rechargeable battery – inbuilt
  •  External SMPS charger
  •  Light weight
  •  Battery backup of > 4 Hrs