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Optic Node Switcher


Catvision’s Optic Node Switcher is an important equipment in optic fiber transmission system, designed to ensure reliable and uninterrupted RF output in HFC Networks.

Optic Node Switcher is mainly used for auto switching between primary optic signal, back-up optic signal and local headend RF signal , so as to automatically switch to backup optic input signal, if the primary optic input signal is absent or it’s level is lower. In case, both the optic signals are absent, then the Optic Node Switcher shall automatically power ON the local headend system and its RF signal will be distributed in the network.

  • Features
  • Specifications
  • Optic Node Switcher gives uninterrupted dual RF output with AGC
  • Provision to feed primary optic signal, back-up optic signal and local headend RF signal for uninterrupted cable TV distribution system
  • Auto switching of optic input to back-up optic input signal in case of failure of primary optic input signal
  • Auto power ON local headend system, incase both the optic input signals are absent
  • Advanced microprocessor circuit to monitor input signals and maintain uninterrupted output.
  • It consists of two optic modules and one Power Doubler module for better C/N, CSO and CTB parameters.
  • It contains highly reliable relay and mains power AC output for switching ON the local headend system.
  • LCD display to show all parameters and optic input signal levels.
  • Front panel buttons for setting Auto or Manual mode.
  • In manual mode, the user can select any of the two optic inputs and one RF input for further distribution through this Optic Node Switcher.
  • Front panel LED indicators to show, which input is selected.
  • Very fast switching time for switching over  <5ms
Optic Wave Length : 1210 ~ 1650 nm
Switching Time   : <5ms
Return Loss   : >55dB
Power Supply : 220VAC, 50Hz