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Optic Switch


Catvision’s Optic Switch is an important equipment in optic fiber transmission system, designed to ensure reliable and uninterrupted optic output in Optic Networks.

Optic Switch is mainly used for auto switching between primary optic signal and backup optic signal, so as to automatically switch to backup optic input signal, if the primary optic signal is absent or its level is lower.

  • Provision to feed main optic signal and back-up optic signal
  • Auto switching of optic output to back-up transmitter optic output
  • Advanced microprocessor controls all parameters
  • Front panel LCD to show all parameters and input optic levels
  • NMS facility
  • Insertion loss: <1.3dBm
  • Switching time: <5ms
  • SMPS power supply: 90~260VAC, 50Hz
Optic Wave Length : 1210 ~ 1650 nm
Insertion Loss    : <1.3dB
Switching Time   : <5ms
Return Loss   : >55dB
Power Supply (SMPSl)  : 90 ~ 270VAC, 50Hz