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Optic Relay Station 1310nm


Catvision’s ORS Series Optic Relay Station is used, when the optic signal at 1310nm wavelength drops to low level, where it can not be further transmitted. A power-doubler amplifier with built-in AGC circuit is incorporated providing a stable RF signal with excellent C/N, CSO & CTB performance for long haul transmission. These are suitable for both analog and digital Cable TV networks.

Catvision optic relay station incorporate a thermo-electric cooler and auto control for laser power & bias current to ensure stable optic output power and longer life of laser module.

These transmitters can be interfaced with a network management system via a RS232 or RS485 port for status monitoring.

  • For extension of 1310nm fiber line
  • AGC/MGC for stable RF level
  • Excellent C/N, CSO & CTB
  • Linear frequency response
  • Accepts both Fiber In and RF In
  • For addition of local RF channels to fiber line
  • High quality DFB fresh laser
  • Unique RF pre-distortion circuit
  • Standard 19 inch rack mount type
  • Front panel display for displaying all parameters
  • An intelligent microcontroller to control all parameters
  • Optic output power: 13.4dBm & 14dBm (22mW & 25mW)
ORS-13-G-31 : 1310nm Ortel Laser, 15dBm/31mW GOLD
ORS-13-G-25 : 1310nm Ortel Laser, 14dBm/25mW GOLD
ORS-13-G-22 : 1310nm Ortel Laser, 13.4dBm/22mW GOLD
ORS-13-P-31 : 1310nm Ortel Laser, 15dBm/31mW Premium
ORS-13-P-25 : 1310nm Ortel Laser, 14dBm/25mW Premium
ORS-13-P-22 : 1310nm Ortel Laser, 13.4dBm/22mW Premium
Gold            : Ortel Laser, CSO 6dB better and VFD display
Premium : Ortel Laser and LCD display