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Catvision’s CDH9000-ASI-IP-G, an ASI to IP Gigabits gateway is a head-end interface device which is used for DVB and Ethernet, the program transmitting part can be used as IP stream transmitter, which can transmit the MPEG-2 TS stream in to IP stream, also, it can simultaneously transmit the 12 TS stream into 12 IP stream, and the streams can transmitted through the same gigabits internet interface.


  • The ProStreamer is a digital modular IPTV headend solution
  • Combines DVB-S and Audio-Video modules in a single rack
  • Advanced transport stream processing
  • Front LED indication for status and alarms
  • Each modular headend rack can accommodate 9 modules
  • Satellite and AV-signals can be converted to digital IP-data to be streamed over the network
  • Connects to IP-QAM-Scrambler to deliver over HFC Network
  • WebGUI or advanced Universal User Interface (UUI)
  • Remote configuration functionality
  • Configuration with PC, smart phone (or PDA), iPad,…