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Multiplexer Scrambler


Catvision’s CDH9000-24MXSCQMI IP Mux-Scrambler QAM Modulator is the latest generational Mux-scrambling-modulating all-in-one device. The modular design of this device makes each of its daughter cards stand-alone when operating. Each daughter card can receive the UDP format TS through GE port, it can also support up to 256 different IP address or port No. It’s like the all-in-one device combined with 8 multiplexers (256 channels inputs), 8 scramblers and 8 QAM (DVB-C) modulators, which can output adjacent channel RF carrier(48M~860M)through the two RF output interfaces. Additionally, 1U chassis supports up to 3 modules’ CDH9000-24MXSCQMI (256 channels mux-scrambling-modulation) while the 4U chassis supports up to 12 modules (1024 channels mux-scrambling-modulation). This CDH9000-24MXSCQMI IP Mux-Scrambling QAM Modulator has excellent integrated level, powerful performance and low cost, which is especially adequate for the new generation CATV system.



1) Hot-plugging Support

CDH9000-24MXSCQMI card is directly connected with the power supply through the interface; even if being powered-on, any one of those three daughter cards can be hot plugged in and out; other cards can still work normally without any interference.
2) Independent multiplexing control unit

Different from the former multiplexing backcard principle, each CDH9000-24MXSCQMI card has its own independent multiplexing and control unit; Unlike the other manufacturer ‘s similar products which will completely die when its backbone multiplexing board fails, the CDH9000-24MXSCQMI’s 3 daughter cards are completely independent of each other. If anyone of those 3 cards is failed, the other two cards could work as normal due to its own multiplexing and scrambling control unit. Hence, the reliability of the equipment has been greatly improved.
3) Supports the RF output and IP output at the same time

CDH9000-24MXSCQMI not only can be used as one IP mux-scrambling QAM module, but also can be utilized to realize other purposes by its IP output function. The IP data output is the loop output after multiplexing and scrambling. For example: An operator has one general DVB-C headend and two sub-headends. At the Main headend, operator can directly transmit the CDH9000-24MXSCQMI’s QAM RF output to the local HFC network, while at the sub-headend side, the IP input of the IP QAM can directly extract the multiplexed and scrambled IP TS from the CDH9000-24MXSCQMI’s IP output via a fiber link. In this case, CDH9000-24MXSCQMI cards can be utilized to provide a perfect solution for signal transmission so as to achieve high-efficient transmission and cost control.
4)NMS Port for each CDH9000-24MXSCQMI

Each CDH9000-24MXSCQMI card has separate NMS ports, thus, the situation that the equipment cannot be configured when the master card of single master plug-in equipment is disabled won’t happen. NOTE:If custom has the needs, we can also anther version CDH9000-24MXSCQMI that 3 modules in 1 U chassis can be managed by one NMS interface.
5)High functional integration

The functions of multiplexing, scrambling, modulating and IP output can be totally
6)PCR anti-jitter technology

For solving the IP jitter during the IP network signal transmission, CDH9000-24MXSCQMI is especially provided with the unique IP anti-jitter buffer principle in order to suppress the IP jitter (IP jitter suppression ratio is up to 250ms), so as to ensure the stable reception and transmission of video/audio signal.
  • Modular design, 1U chassis supports up to 3 modules, 4U chassis supports up to 12 modules
  • Completely supporting DVB scrambling system(ETR289), simulcrypt standard ETSI 101 197 and ETSI 103 197;
  • Fully complying EN300 429 J.83A/B/C /ITU-T;
  • Supporting 1GE ports input or one SFP input, up to 256 IP inputs, network anti-jitter;
  • Supporting UDP protocol, unicast and multicast, 1GMP V2/V3;
  • Supporting max 840Mbps for all channels;
  • Inputting IP can be multiplexed to 8 output channels;
  • Supporting multiplexing from any input channel to output channel;
  • It supports up to 256 PIDS remapping per channel;
  • Supporting accurate PCR adjusting;
  • Supporting PSI/SI editing and inserting;
  • Supporting 8 channel simultaneously scrambling, and each scrambling channel supports 4 simulscrypt CA;
  • Supporting 8 QAM modulation carrier output, 2 RF output ports;
  • Constellation: 16QAM、32QAM、64QAM、128QAM、256QAM;
  • Symbol rate range: 5.0Msps~7.0Msps;
  • MER≥40dB;
  • Supporting network management software (NMS).



1GE(RJ45) or 1 SFP input port,hot backup

Transport Protocol

TS over UDP,unicast and multicast, IGMP V2/V3

Transmission Code

Max 840Mbps for all channels


Input Channel


Output Channel


Max PIDs

256 per channel


PID remapping(auto/manually optional)

PCR accurate adjusting

PSI/SI table automatically generating


Max simulscrypt CA


Scramble Standard

ETSI 101 197,ETSI 103 197


Local/remote connection


QAM Channel


Modulation Standard

EN300 429/ITU-T J.83A/B/C

Symbol Rate

5.0~7.0Msps,1ksps stepping




RS(204, 188)

RF Output


2 F typed output port for 8 carriers, 75Ω impedance

RF Range

48~860MHz,in steps of 1kHz

Output Level

-16dBm~6dBm (output IP from one F type), in steps of 0.5dB


≥ 40dB


-60 dBc


Network management software (NMS) supporting


Demission (WxLxH)






Power Supply

AC 100V±10%,50/60Hz or AC 220V±10%,50/60Hz