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CATV Products

Headend (Analog)

Catvision’s modulators convert baseband audio and video signals into network-ready RF output signals for Cable TV distribution. These modulators meet all international standards. Catvision manufactures wide range of modulators to cater to various network sizes

Headend (Digital)

Catvision has installed more than 25 digital headends in India, Middle East and Africa. In addition, Catvision has complete network experience - from headend to home. Catvision integrates world-class digital headend products (MPEG-2 & MPEG-4, SD& HD from European and American companies like Teleste, Johansson, CryptoGuard and Emcore to give the most powerful yet cost-effective solution in the market.Catvision provides end-to-end digital headend products include IRDs, IP encoders, scramblers, QAM modulators, edge QAM modulators, CAS, SMS etc. with high flexibility & the greatest number of channels having the best image quality & high bandwidth efficiency.

HFC Distribution

Catvision’s HFC distribution products ensure high quality and reliable HFC network for digital and analog Cable TV to provide high quality signal till end point. Catvision HFC products include high quality optic transmitters, optic nodes, amplifiers, splitters/tapoffs, coaxial cable, measuring instruments etc meeting international standards with high reliability and stability.

Customer Premises Equipment

Catvision provides Set top boxes (DVB-C), which are customized to operators’ requirements. Features and specifications meet TRAI and BIS.